The Growing Popularity of Quality Flagstone Landscaping in Ashburn, VA

For any landscaping project in Ashburn, VA, there are tons of options to inspire designers and home remodelers. One classic and timeless medium comes in the form of flagstone, which is widely used in landscaping and patio renovations. Flagstone landscaping adds beauty, value, and durability to any yard, patio, or home. Professional designers are well aware that this is a versatile material that can be used for fences, walls, rooftops, patios, and driveways.

Growing Popularity

Homeowners are choosing flagstone more and more these days not just because of its beauty and durability, but for a plethora of other benefits.

A Variety of Colors and Designs

When it comes to flagstone landscaping, the options for colors and designs are practically unlimited. Limestone, sandstone, shale, are some of the most common materials used for flagstone. Marble is another great addition to this family. Also, flagstone comes in a variety of colors such as blue, red, and brown. As for the stone shapes, you can get irregular cuts or rectangular cuts. You can even choose square cut stones to suit your design specifications.

A Popular Choice for Patios

There are a lot of applications for flagstone landscaping but the most popular choice is for patios. Most professional landscape architects prefer using flagstone for patios and other areas with a lot of foot traffic such as driveways and walkways. Since flagstone is quite robust and durable, it will not be easily damaged. Also, having a driveway or flagstone patio adds a lot of value to your home. On another note, since the material is low-maintenance, you can spend as much time you want outdoors enjoying activities with the family.

Professionals Do It Best

While other types of patios can be installed yourself, flagstone patios and driveways should be done by professional designers. Since flagstone is quite difficult to cut and work with, only professional designers and architects have the tools and knack to make the most out of these sturdy rocks. They expertly do so without damaging the surface or the beauty of flagstone, letting it stand out in your home. If this is your material of choice, consult with the pros and get started on your dream landscaping project right away.

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