Increasing Your Home’s Privacy, Quiet, and Comfort through Landscaping

For many people, home is a sanctuary where you can unwind, slow down, and be away from the world for a while. However, that precious time away from the hustle and bustle can easily be disrupted by a busy highway or noisy neighbors.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the privacy of your home, you may be considering expensive options such as a fence installation. Yet there is another solution to those privacy issues that is not only effective but beautiful as well: landscape design.


Increasing Privacy with Hedges

If you would like to create privacy for your home, planting a private hedge may be one of the best ways to accomplish this. Much like a fence, these hedges go around the perimeter of your property to shield it from noise and other disruptions.

With the help of a landscaping contractor in Reston, VA, you may also customize factors like height and look based on your preferences and the unique aesthetics of your home.

Enhancing the Quiet with Plants and Trees

Love the idea of hedges but would like something more picturesque? Plants and shrubs in various heights and planted in a cluster just might do the trick. You should also consider planting trees in and around your property. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that you can benefit from up to 50% noise reduction by planting trees in and around your yard. Not only do these enhance the level of quiet, but they also provide lots of fresh air and an amazing outdoor view.

Creating a More Comfortable Home with Landscaping

Finally, landscaping for your Ashburn, VA home not only gives you more peace and quiet, but it also comes with a host of other advantages. For instance, you get to maintain a comfortable atmosphere while saving money year round thanks to excellent wind protection from a properly-landscaped garden or yard.

This is especially beneficial during colder months because it helps reduce your heating costs. During the summer, the shade from your hedges, plants, or trees can also lower your cooling costs while keeping your home cool and cozy.

Privacy, quiet, and comfort— these are just a few of the ways that landscape design can help you create a home you and your loved ones will truly enjoy. Not sure where to start? Talk to a professional landscaping contractor to give you some ideas.


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