Landscaping in Ashburn, VA: Creating a Lovely Outdoor Space for summer

While summer is a great time to travel, there are equally fulfilling ways to spend it at home. When you’ve got a beautifully manicured garden, your home in Ashburn, VA or Reston, VA can become a place of relaxation amid the summer heat. All you need is a little help from landscaping experts.

landscaping outdoor space for summer

Many homeowners tend to miss out on opportunities to enhance their outdoor spaces, like cobbled pathways from the house to the road, a well-mowed lawn, or an inviting porch. The most important element to consider in planning your landscape design is how the output will fit seamlessly into the overall aesthetics of your home. An appealing outdoor space, regardless of the size, will also enhance the value of your home as it provides you a comfortable living atmosphere.

Focal Point

Your property’s exterior space should have a focal point. This can be anything from a large sculpture to a simple bench for guests on your front yard, as long as the accessory is prominent enough to give viewers an idea of the overall theme. Such a central piece may also be placed anywhere, such as in the center of your garden, on the borders of your lawn, or somewhere near the patio.

A Good First Impression

Your home’s main entrance creates a lasting impression on visitors. To create a pleasant and interesting façade, build a wider landing, about 5 to 6 feet, outlined with pedestal urns, built-in planers, or any symmetrical accessory. Choosing the right front door also makes a difference; consider undertones and shades that blend well with basic door colors like red and white.

Direct Foot Traffic

Improve your hardscape with pathways or walkways to keep visitors on the right track. While it’s common practice to install a front walk to connect the entrance to the main road, it may not be safe or comfortable for people with cars; in addition, you may have to build a separate driveway. Furthermore, the materials used to construct the path, be it brick or stone, must have inherent visual impact to boost your home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

When in doubt, you may consult an established landscaping company like TreeStone Landscape Design Center in Reston, VA on how to create a lovely outdoor space. Count on experienced landscapers from such a company to deliver the best results.


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