Tips on Planning a New Patio with Ashburn, VA Landscaping Companies

Spring is here, and there’s really no better way to celebrate the season than soaking in all the wonders of the outdoors. If you may think that enjoying the outside requires that you literally go on a trip, however, fear not. If you have a large-enough space in your backyard, Ashburn, VA landscaping professionals have your back in the form of building you a brand new patio.

Tips on Planning a New Patio with Ashburn, VA Landscaping Companies

The word patio itself is almost synonymous with a situation like this: a sun-drenched day spent sipping chilled drinks under the shade of an umbrella. Aside from the perks of relaxation, patios also add a considerable amount of value to any home—provided that the project itself is carefully planned. If you’re looking to have a new patio built into your home, you’d do well if you run up on your planning skills. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Know The Patio’s Purpose – First and foremost, know why you’re considering this project in the first place. What is your patio for? Is it mainly a space for entertaining large groups of visitors, or will it mostly host intimate family gatherings?

Pick The Location – Where would you like your patio to be built? It’s not uncommon to see patios adjacent to a house, though you could always go the different route. When it comes to choosing a site, you need to consider several factors. One such factor is microclimate. For example, a spot which may be convenient to the kitchen may have too much or too little sunlight, or the view can be obstructed. A certain spot’s privacy should also be considered, among others.

How Big? – Just like the location, your prospective patio’s size matters. While it may be common to underestimate patio sizing, don’t be a victim. There are no universally accepted dimensions when it comes to patio sizing, though several experts recommend that the patio be designed proportionately to the house—making it as wide as the main hub, or matching it to the size of an indoor room.

Who Will Help You? – Going the DIY route in building a patio may be possible, but not really recommended. The weight, hardness, and complexity of selecting patio building materials can make the project overwhelming for an inexperienced individual, so you’d do much better with the assistance of a local Reston, VA landscaping firm like TreeStone Landscape Design Center & Lawn Maintenance. Professional help is highly recommended if your project is pretty complex.

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