Types to Consider When Shopping for Flagstones For Your Home Patio

Patio flagstones are one of the most unique and beautiful aesthetic options you can choose for your landscape design. Flagstones lend a natural and one of a kind look to a patio that’s become popular in recent years. This material is composed of sedimentary rock split into layers which are laid out like flags on the surface of your patio. They’re well regarded for their durability and the range of colors and types you can draw from.

Types to Consider When Shopping for Flagstones For Your Home Patio

However, a patio flagstone can be hard to install for a novice. Red and blue are popular colors, as are more natural earth tones like brown, gray, and yellow. There are a number of other stone varieties to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Sandstone flagstones are one of the most popular choices due to their unobtrusive and natural look. These stones commonly come in soft pastels but are also available in deep red and gold. Formed from compressed sand, sandstone stays cool in hotter weather and is highly resistant to weather damage in arid temperatures, but its porous nature makes it susceptible to water damage.


Bluestone is commonly used in America’s Northeast regions due to its resistance to the cold. Bluestone slabs are typically crafted into rectangles and thus present a less irregular look than many of the alternatives. However, bluestone needs to be properly sealed to prevent damage from water.


Limestone is well recognized as a common design in Indian architecture. They provide a classically elegant look that can be polished to a smooth, flat surface. Gray, yellow, and beige are common colors in limestone production, and they are known to be long-lasting and resistant to the negative effects of humid climes. Limestone is one of the heavier choices of flagstones and can be hard to manipulate.


Claylike and crafted from metamorphic rock, slate presents a look that brings to mind ancient ruins and temples. This antiquated design provides it with a unique aesthetic, but it is more delicate than its contemporaries and prone to chipping.

If you’re considering incorporating flagstones into your patio design, consider enlisting the help of people who know landscaping in Ashburn, VA like TreeStone Landscape Design Center & Lawn Maintenance. Seeking advice and guidance from knowledgeable professionals should let you come up with a most practical decision and, ultimately, a good-looking final product.


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