Why Flagstone is the Perfect Landscaping Material Building a Patio

There are lots of hardscape materials that can turn a plot of dirt into an appealing and even lawn or patio in Ashburn, VA. Brick, slate and blue stone are a few examples of products that deliver a natural look that blends with the elements of the outdoors. Flagstone, however, is becoming a favorite choice for landscaping experts from companies like TreeStone Landscape Design Center & Lawn Maintenance due to several factors.

Why Flagstone is the Perfect Landscaping Material Building a Patio

Unclipped and Untouched

Natural flagstone is not formed or straightened like other types of rock that can take away from the surroundings. Compare flagstone to a tree that is never straight or perfectly aligned, but crooked and scarred. These features bring out the beauty of nature with uniqueness and simplicity. No one piece is the same even if you get them from one supplier, giving an actual picture of natural beauty.

Versatile and Easy to Work With

Because flagstone has no defined pattern, there are no hard rules to follow in laying this stone. Create your own artwork that suits your taste and know that it is aesthetic in design. A straight or curved outline will accept the uneven edges and varying sizes of flagstone with ease.

Texture and Color

The surface of cut flagstone is seldom smooth and even. This plays an important role in keeping with the flow of nature that surrounds a patio or garden area. While an outdoor sitting area is a reflection of a person’s style, nature cannot be tamed and should be allowed to run free. The texture of flagstone fits in perfectly with this vision. Colors also run from beige, browns, reds and blues in a subtle, and sometimes, kaleidoscope manner, adding richness to the stone.

Locally Mined and Prepared

Flagstone is a natural product that is found within the mines in the United States and add heritage to an outdoor area. It is also less expensive than stone that has to be imported or specialized in cut for your landscaping plan. Keeping with the beauty of natural landscaping and beauty of Ashburn, VA, a patio flagstone is the perfect choice for residential or commercial outdoor pleasure.

When you are ready to explore the possibilities of adding hardscape with a patio and walkway, consult a professional hardscape company that has years of experience in working with different types of stone. Do not be surprised if flagstone is one of the first recommendations that is made for enhancing your property.


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