2016 trends in landscaping

The Best Trends in Landscaping for Your Home in Ashburn, VA

In today’s world of landscape design, recent trends have shown that beauty, style and functionality can work together to provide an environment that feels good and looks great. After all, you don’t want the outdoor area of your home to just be livable. You want it to be aesthetically pleasing as it is comfortable to be in. Luckily, there are number of things you can now do to make your outdoors a great place to hang out in.

2016 trends in landscaping

Here are some of the top trends in landscape design that you can inspire you today:

Extend Your Indoors towards the Outdoors

Admit it. You have always wanted a part of your home to be extended outdoors so that you and your guests can feel more relaxed while having some drinks outside.  Well, why not make an extension of your dining room or even your kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens that are fully equipped are currently a hot trend in landscaping. After all, you get to do a cookout while chilling out with your guests. This way, you can also keep talking to them even as you’re preparing your lunch or dinner. And since you’ve got an outdoor dining area already, you can enjoy your meal al fresco too!

Have Some Patio Flagstone for a Nice Rustic Finish

When it comes to you patio, no material is better and more efficient to use than flagstone. This is because of its narrowly packed joints, which allow for water to permeate as opposed to just running off and causing a little puddle to form.

The best part about patio flagstone is that it’s got a nice organic look that can easily blend with your outdoor area. And as far as design choices, it comes in blue, gray, red and brown so you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Surround your outdoors with natural foods you love to eat and cook with

When it comes to your outdoors, there’s no reason why you can’t surrounded by certain natural foods that you and your family enjoy the most. Go ahead and plant some vegetables and herbs outside your home. You can plant some of your favorite berries, too.

If you are thinking about redoing your landscape, it helps to speak with a landscaping design firm in Ashburn, VA that can help you determine which design options work best for you.

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