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Research Finds Landscaping Beneficial to Mental and Physical Health

Craving for a life of wellness and health? Open your door to nature. Humans naturally pine for greenery, and there are several excellent reasons for this. A living landscape is an essential part of outdoor living that many Americans love, but the advantages go beyond playing catch in the backyard and having the occasional barbeque party.

To put it simply, green spaces created by landscaping in Ashburn, VA are necessary for your health and wellbeing.


Enhanced mental health

Researchers in England have found that when you move to a greener area, you can experience an immediate enhancement of your mental health. Better yet, this improvement is sustained for at least three years after the initial move. A landscaped yard gives you immediate access to greenery every day, helping lift your mood and developing a calm, positive energy.

Strengthened body

Dutch researchers, on the other hand, have found that people who live a mere half mile from green areas such as greenways, parks, and public spaces have a lower incidence of diseases like migraines, heart diseases, anxiety, diabetes, depression, and asthma. In addition, people who live on neighborhoods with lots of trees and landscaping experience a solid boost in metabolic and heart health.

More agile mind

Having some trouble concentrating lately? Research says that spending time in a landscaped yard surrounded by plants and trees can help improve memory and focus in adults. In fact, spending some quality time in your garden can enhance your memory performance and attention span at work and at home by as high as 20%.

Faster recovery

In the event that you sustain an injury, a green landscape can even help you heal faster. Several studies found that patients with a view of trees, flowers, and gardens heal a whole one day faster that those who stay in Spartan environments.

Happier relationships

Additionally, landscaping in Reston, VA helps strengthen social bonds and enrich interpersonal interactions. Spending time in nature such as a beautifully landscaped yard increases value for the community and deepens close relationships. Conclusions from a systematic research review supports this, saying that experiencing and knowing nature helps people become happier and healthier overall.

All of these advantages reinforce the significance of green spaces like landscaped yards. Flowering plants, shrubs, trees, and grass are integral to good human health. Not only does landscaping create a space for you and your loved ones to lounge around and relax, but it directly contributes to your physical and mental well-being.

Living Landscapes Bring Surprising Health Benefits,
Living landscapes bring surprising health benefits,