Landscaping in Ashburn, VA: Basic Hardscape Design Tips for your Home

Achieving a beautiful landscape begins with handling the hardscapes. It’s nice to dream of yards and gardens that seamlessly blend with decks, porches, and even the driveway. Unfortunately, bringing this dream to fruition takes a lot more effort than a simple arrangement.


What you will need most of all is the symmetry or balance of the different elements to fully integrate hardscape into your landscape. A straight sidewalk and patio appears too linear, while large boulders thrown in a small patio may become a distraction instead of softening the pavement. A symmetrical design should have an effective combination of rhythm and repetition filled with the right shape and item that fit well with the aesthetics of your entire property.

Hardscape Design Tips

Walkways and pathways are known components of the hardscape. When landscaping, you should consider the surface features of your home in Ashburn, VA and its drainage setup in the layout. For a more consistent style, direct the walkway along the grid points of your property. In terms of materials, you have either brick or stone to choose from, which both are popularly used in modern homes.

The patio, a standard for Spanish dwellings, is now a trend in contemporary outdoor living. Before building one, you have to measure its size based on the desired or available location in your area. Take into account how many people will be using the patio, and the size and number of lounge chairs, tables, and other furniture that you will place.

According to an article from the, the most challenging part of the hardscape to design is the driveway because of its prominent location on either the front or back area of your house. A functional approach to drawing attention away from the driveway is by cascading or bordering it with plants. This will also soften the bland surface while neighbors focus on other details.

Ways to Integrate Plants

Whether on the driveway, front stairs or the pathway, it’s a creative technique to allow ample vegetation to grow or cascade into the hard surface, still but maintained well so as to not become a hazard for the homeowner. Even if the needs of your environment are more suitable with stones and gravel, always leave an area where you may play around with a swath of flower beds or lawns for a softer and more inviting appeal.

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