Types to Consider When Shopping for Flagstones For Your Home Patio

Patio flagstones are one of the most unique and beautiful aesthetic options you can choose for your landscape design. Flagstones lend a natural and one of a kind look to a patio that’s become popular in recent years. This material is composed of sedimentary rock split into layers which are laid out like flags on the surface of your patio. They’re well regarded for their durability and the range of colors and types you can draw from.

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You Are on Your Way to Getting the Right Landscaping Services Provider

Just like your home, your yard needs a complete makeover or new plantings to keep it looking fresh and relaxing. There are lots of design tips that you can find over the internet nowadays, but if you’re having a hard time channeling your inner design diva, scared to ruin your existing landscape or you just don’t have time to do it, you can always count on landscape experts to do it for you. The question now is: how do you make sure that you find the right one?
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Why Flagstone is the Perfect Landscaping Material Building a Patio

There are lots of hardscape materials that can turn a plot of dirt into an appealing and even lawn or patio in Ashburn, VA. Brick, slate and blue stone are a few examples of products that deliver a natural look that blends with the elements of the outdoors. Flagstone, however, is becoming a favorite choice for landscaping experts from companies like TreeStone Landscape Design Center & Lawn Maintenance due to several factors.

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How Does Landscaping Affect Selling of Your Property in Ashburn, VA?

When it comes to selling a home, a lot could be riding on the visual appeal of the property. Few people will be interested in a lot that is covered in dirt and/or weeds. It’s all about enhancing curb appeal and presenting a property that is both attractive and unique. As many potential buyers will form an opinion based on the outside of the home, it’s imperative to impress them the moment they step out of their car. One of the best ways to achieve this aspect is by using professional services for landscaping in Ashburn, VA.

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Patio Flagstone Installation: Its Main Benefits for Your Home and More

Installing a flagstone patio for your home in Ashburn, VA is a great idea for a number of reasons, and the overall effect of one is much more charming than a slab of concrete. First of all, with many types of flagstone patios, water is able to be absorbed into the ground below rather than running off. Secondly, flagstone has a pleasing rugged yet natural appearance. Furthermore, flagstone is quite tough and will last for years, not to mention that it also creates a non-slippery surface for walking.

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Landscaping in Ashburn, VA: Basic Hardscape Design Tips for your Home

Achieving a beautiful landscape begins with handling the hardscapes. It’s nice to dream of yards and gardens that seamlessly blend with decks, porches, and even the driveway. Unfortunately, bringing this dream to fruition takes a lot more effort than a simple arrangement. Read more

Accentuate Your Backyard Landscaping with These Great Hardscape Ideas

No backyard landscaping can ever be complete without a beautiful hardscape that creates a small piece of paradise right within your property. What makes hardscapes perfect for every backyard is that they create a natural looking space, particularly when merged with the greenery around them. Hera are some design ideas on how you can incorporate hardscapes into a unique and refreshing outdoor living space where you can relax with your entire family:

  • A Natural Fountain – An assortment of stones can serve as the platform for a small fountain. You can also add some wild shrubs and flowers around the fountain for a truly peaceful back-to-nature feel. If you want to build the fountain yourself, professional landscape services in Ashburn, VA like TreeStone Landscape Design Center & Lawn Maintenance can create the design, along with a list of all the materials you will need, to start you off. Additionally, you will need the pros to build a good drainage system for your fountain area.
  • Flagstone Patio – This simple, yet classic hardscape idea creates a comfortable space where you can hang-out and enjoy the fresh air, without having to worry about pesky weeds that are harsh on your feet.
  • Sunken Garden – You can also create a sunken garden by creating flagstone walkways and steps that lead to a sunken area. Fill the space with shrubs, tall grasses, and lots of flowers to create your very own hidden garden. You can then add a bench or a fountain for hours of relaxing fun.
  • Shady Space – If you have tall trees in your backyard area then this hardscape design is a must try. Amid tall trees, create a small space where you can add in some chairs or even a swing-set. This will be a great place to cool yourself down on hot summer days.
  • Nature’s Archways – Plan a path that leads directly to your back door, and then create a stone pathway with some wild flowers and grass growing on the side. You may also want to build arches along the pathway, using crawling vines. This will look absolutely breathtaking, especially in spring or summer.

With a well-planned hardscape, plus the matching plants that will go perfectly with them, you can easily create a piece of paradise right in your own backyard. All it takes is a little creativity and the right help for your hardscaping needs. If you want beautiful and seamless landscaping, however, call in the experts and let them do all the hard work for you.


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Landscaping in Ashburn, VA: Creating a Lovely Outdoor Space for summer

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